The finish line is very near!

Hello everyone! First things first: I wanted to thank all the followers and supporters that have joined us over the last few weeks! We just passed 100 followers on Twitter and are well on our way on Facebook too! It has been so exciting to watch this little family project grow a small community around it!

This last week has been a busy one! Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure went out to testers and we have been receiving great feedback from them. As the feedback comes in I have been furiously trying to fix bugs, make adjustments, and get a new version back to testers to test yet again. I can’t thank the testing families enough for their thorough testing and detailed feedback – this app is a ton better because of your effort!

This weekend marks the end of the testing cycle, and that means, once the final tweaks are made to the app it gets submitted to Apple for review! Once approved it goes up for sale in the App Store!

I can’t believe it has come this far!

For years I have dreamed of creating my own products; taking one of my own ideas and making it a reality – but I have never been confident enough to put my ideas at the top of the list and actually dedicate time to making one of them happen. So these last several months have been such an amazing adventure in learning to trust in myself, in my vision, and to go with my gut. It has been exhilarating!

So thank you all for your great support and for helping me launch a dream, may you all launch a dream of your own soon!

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