Drawing at the kitchen table

Say Hello to Dragon, the character Oscar and I made today. That's a nappy he's wearing, by the way.

Yesterday i was working on my kidoodle zine (more on that to come) and listening to This American Life when I suddenly noticed the time and had to rush off and pick up Oscar from school. I like to wait until the very last minute before I stop drawing and I hate cleaning up art things. I like to think it isn’t because I’m lazy but more because I’m fearful I won’t ever get them out again once I pack them away. Either way, I left our kitchen table littered with drawings, scraps of paper, and tape. When we got home the messy table was like a magnet for Oscar. He immediately sat down and started drawing and cutting too. Oh yeah, and art directing my zine and demanding I draw things for him. But it was a great reminder of a couple of things: how kids really mimic our own activities and how it only takes easy access to materials to get kids creating. So I guess the question is how do we get kids more access to kidoodle apps? Ipads in public schools? Porting the app to android devices? hmmmmmmm……maybe we should just worry about finishing the first app first.

– karen

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