Artist to Artist

I recently unearthed, from the back of a deserted closet, an amazing book I’d bought for Oscar when he was much too young, and i was much too over-enthusiastic. It’s more appropriate now that he’s 6, but to be honest I think everyone from 5 years up would be inspired by it. It’s called “Artist to Artist” and is filled with ‘letters’ to the creatively inclined child, from 23 successful book Illustrators (heavy hitters like; Quentin Blake, Leo Lionni, Maurice Sendak…). Here’s the set-up by none other than Eric Carle:

“I hope that this book will be a kind of mentor for you, young artist. And that you will feel when reading these artists’ stories that you are among friends, fellow dreamers and scribblers, who follow their instincts and listen to their own inner voices.”

I just find that so touching. And as I was reading it, I thought of Kidoodle and what we hope it will become: a place to dream and scribble.

Self portrait of the Illustrator Alice Provensen

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