Talk Like a Pirate Day Art Party!


Argh Matey! It’s talk like a pirate day and we’re celebrating by raising the Jolly Roger and creating Exquisite Pirates! So gather up your shipmates and your favorite art supplies and get creating, or else we’ll make ye walk the plank!

We can’t wait to see your creativity and imagination in action!

Send us pictures of your Exquisite Pirates creations and we’ll include them in a special picture gallery on our Facebook and Pinterest. Email images of your art to [email protected] and remember you can use any materials you want: paint, glitter, tissue paper, anything!


Step 1: Print out these Exquisite Pirate Sheets.

Step 2: Cut along the solid lines.

Step 3: Get ready to fold.

Step 4: Fold along the dotted lines. Leave just a bit of the neck showing so the next drawer knows where to start but don’t show what you’ve draw just yet!

Step 5: Draw! Remember, don’t show the other person what you’ve drawn yet and leave a bit of the legs hanging over the fold so they know where to start.

Step 6: Fold again leaving some of the leg parts hanging over the fold for the next person.

Step 7: You’re almost done! This is where your fellow pirate gets a chance to draw.

Step 8: Reveal the pirate!

Step 9: Have Fun! Shiver me timbers, that be one dastardly looking pirate! 

Don’t forget to add your Exquisite Pirate creations to our special picture galleries on Facebook and Pinterest by emailing pictures to [email protected]

We are also going to be talkin’ pirates and giving away some pirate booty at the Facebook Party on Wednesday, 5:30pm PST! Details are here : Talk Like A Pirate Day Facebook Party, hope to see you there.


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