Holiday recap, free version, coming updates…

Thanksgiving is coming to a close and with it I go back to a more normal routine of juggling client work amd app development.

Before the holiday, I was on an intense three-week project for a client that left hardly any time for Kidoodle Apps work. I did manage to steal away a couple sleepless nights to finalize a version if Pirate Scribblebeard for the Adobe/Sony AIR App Challenge (well worth the additional effort over the last month) and this helps further fund the next Kidoodle App!

In the mean time, the iPad version of Pirate Scribblebeard is seeing a slow, tiny trickle of sales a day – an average of about 15 daily downloads. It’s not big. We have had many outstanding reviews and happy customers and for a weekend the app litterally topped the kids app charts in education and games (if was free at the time of course) – so I know I have a great first app, I just need to figure out how to convince people that it’s worth (at least) $1.99! More apps will help – so i need to keep on doodling and get the next story in production.

The Android version of Pirate Scribblebeard is seeing less interest than the iPad version (which is to be expected on that platform), so I have just completed a free 3-page version that links to the full, paid version. I am planning something similar on the iPad, Kindle, and Nook when the new pages are added.

And speaking of new pages, we have two new ones on the way! I’m really excited about this update because it bakes in a few tweaks and fixes I’ve been meaning to make and one of the previous characters makes a return 🙂

Thanks for your support and keep on doodling!

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