If I could share with a child artist one thing, it would be this quote…

Robert Kingston

Robert Kingston 2011

“I always noticed an awkward, clumsy mark or move that kept showing up in my work and I felt that if I could just get rid of that, my work would be so much better. No matter what I tried though that clunky thing kept popping up again and again! It took me years until it finally dawned on me that that odd goofy thing was actually me! Everything else was just me putting on other people’s clothes.”
Robert Kingston

wait….. maybe that’s really something I want to tell myself. Other people’s clothes….so well put.

I found that quote on a blog, I’m trying to remember where. google tells me it might have been here: texturesshapescolor.blogspot.com 

and check out Robert Kingston’s work, stunning (and that so unobtainable, child like feel).


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