Big News! We Won!

I wanted to share some amazing news i got today: Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure was chosen as the Best Entertainment App and awarded a $20,000 prize in the Adobe AIR App Challenge sponsored by Sony! It’s shocking and amazing and i’m just so happy and proud!

Check out the list of Winners and Prizes

This contest has been on my radar for some time – i basically had to get the app running on the new Sony Android tablets. i knew the app would work well on the larger Sony Tablet S since it has the same screen dimensions as the Motorola and Samsung devices i had already made the app work on. The real challenge was how to make my app work on the unique dual-screen Sony Tablet P.

While juggling promotion of the app as well as a intense freelance client project (to make money so i could keep my dream of making kids apps alive), i burnt the midnight oil to redo artwork and code so it would take advantage of the dual screen tablet. i was in just under the wire.

although i really wanted to win, i honestly had no illusion that i would, as many of the other apps entered were really well designed and engineered. this morning i woke up to…

a humongous surprise! We Won!

thanks Adobe and Sony for the recognition and the award, it is an honor to have been chosen

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