Speaking at FlashONGames, and testing to begin soon!

Avast! The great folks who put on the FlashONGames events have invited me to speak about the development of Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure at their September 6th meeting! I’m thrilled to be presenting my development process, what I learned along the way, and where I hope to take this and other Oscar & Josephine titles. It’s a nice bit of exposure for the app, and I love to share my findings and look forward to feedback from the talented game developers that will be attending.

If you develop games or other apps in Flash and are interested in learning more about developing for mobile devices, this looks to be a great event.

Testing to Kick-Off Next Week!

The production is nearing completion and timing is looking pretty good for testing with a  small group of kids next week. I will be sending out announcments to each of the testing families soon, so stay tuned!

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